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Grays Digital Consulting: Your Internet Marketing Specialist in Chicago

Internet marketing is constantly changing to keep things fresh. Businesses will have to get creative in order to get noticed online by their target market. They are also subjected to the whims and changes in social media, online local listings, and search engines, so businesses need to be careful with how they present and promote their brand on the Web. When tackling the complexities of marketing online, you want professionals handling the promotions so that you can get the most out of it.

Expert Online Marketing Specialists

Gray’s Digital Consulting offers unparalleled Internet marketing services you can rely on. We are an experienced and highly skilled Web design agency based in Lombard, and we are more than capable of helping your online promotions take off. Our team of professionals are well-versed in Internet marketing, so you can be assured of our expertise whenever we tackle your marketing needs.

As your consultants, we genuinely want to help you grow your business through online means, so you can expect our services to be more accommodating and more effective than the average marketing company. Do not hesitate to share your online marketing troubles with us; we can come up with custom solutions to address your specific promotion needs. Gray’s Digital Consulting specializes in “Helping Companies Achieve Great Results Through The Web”

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Gray’s Digital Consulting Services

From our Lombard location, our Web design agency provides quality online marketing services, such as search engine optimization, local business listing optimization, and other related search engine marketing approaches. Additionally, we also offer online business solutions for Digital Asset Management, e-commerce, and Web Content Management. We can improve your presence on the Web and even help you retain better control over your assets.

The following is a list of some of our services:

Gray's Digital Consulting, LLC

Website design and Responsive Website Design are must haves for any local business today! Check out our portfolio of design options and learn more about GDC’s Web Design Services. We also have Web Design Educational Blog posting that we hope you find to be helpful!


Many people are saying that Search Engine Optimization “SEO” is no longer necessary. We disagree; leveraging sound SEO practices will improve your websites ability to be found naturally in search. Learn more about GDC’s SEO Services and Read our Educational SEO Blog Post.


Local Business Listing; or what we like to call “Local Buzz” is absolutely critical for your business to appear in local search. Recent Google study indicates that over 50% of mobile local business searchers visit the store within one day of performing their search. Read more about GDC’s Local Buzz Services


Do You Need Customers NOW! Then you should consider running a GDC PPC Campaign. Do you have slow seasons, times of day? PPC campaigns can increase traffic and buyers to your website and store locations. Learn more about GDC’s PPC Offerings and call us today!


Are Bad Online Reviews Costing You Business? Fact: 80% of people surveyed had changed a purchase decision due to a bad review they saw online. At GDC we have created an Online Reputation Management Program that allows you to manage your reputation in an ethical and responsible way.


Social Media has grown to the point that it can make or break your business. It was not like that just 2 years ago. If you are not using Social Media to engage with your customers, you are losing customers to your competitors! Learn more about GDC’s Social Media Optimization Services.


Do you Audit Your Company’s Website Performance? Do you know how customers are finding your website? Learn why you need to regularly audit your website!


Brand optimization is the key to attracting and engaging more potential customers for your business!


We offer other services, such as lead generation site design, email and text message autoresponders, and Facebook fan page designing, among others. Not all Web design agencies in Lombard offer as much professional services as we do, so feel free to approach us if you need a custom online marketing solution. We will listen intently to your requests and then formulate a proper Internet marketing approach to enhance your current campaigns on the Web.


Gray’s Digital Consulting provides Internet marketing services to select areas within Illinois such as Chicago, Oakbrook, Naperville, Lombard, and the nearby areas. To inquire about our services, visit our Contact Us page.