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Web Design Agency in Lombard Discusses Branding and Beyond for SMBs

Outstanding web design is one of the marketing must-haves that small-to-medium businesses or SMBs have to invest in. Design is everything for an SMB’s online presence, and you can’t afford to skimp on your appearance or impressions on your Internet-savvy target market. Your website design must communicate your story and do so compellingly to drive traffic and bring significant, positive effects to your bottom line.

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Lombard Web Design Agency Can Help You Harness the Power of Local Buzz


Many business owners believe that online marketing is something they should pursue only if they want to build a national or even international brand. The truth is: online marketing is primarily done with a local audience in mind. Have you ever searched for a business on Google without adding a location? What do you think comes back to you in your search results? That’s right, local.

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Is your Restaurant found by Hungry Customers Today?

People are now asking online, “Where should I eat today?”

Yes, they search for restaurants online using their desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones on search engines, local directories, and social networks.

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Web Design Agency in Lombard offers Tips on how to make a Good Website

These days, people are more open to doing business via their websites. Just like in the real-life market, however, your website needs the proper presentation in order to hold your customers’ attention long enough for them to understand (and consider) your product or service. That in mind, an article by Jason Tselentis for Howdesign.com shares a number of tips for properly designing your company website.

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A Good Web Design Agency in Lombard Can Update Your Online Marketing

Marketing on the Internet is a science on its own, since it requires a deep understanding of how the Web and other related elements, such as search engines, work. Businesses, however, should not feel too complacent with sticking with their current online marketing campaigns for long, particularly if a search engine is updating itself. An article on the Forbes website published last October 2, 2014 reports on the impending release of Google’s Panda 4.1 update, which can potentially change the game for web marketers. The article cites how the update affects searches made on Google, and dispenses useful tips for businesses and webmasters, such as:

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