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How Your Restaurant Can Benefit from the Growing Mobile Trend


Imagine this: Your restaurant offers great food and excellent customer service. It’s found in one of the most accessible locations in the city. You occasionally post promos on your doors in an attempt to attract new customers. But still, why are there a lot of empty tables during lunch and dinner time?

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Can Hungry Customers Find your Business Today?

Restaurants Dominate the Local Search and Mobile Landscape

The way consumers are looking for and locating restaurants has changed dramatically over the years. What once was an arena dominated by Yellow Pages and brochures, is now won over by smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

Today, consumers are searching for local businesses using different online platforms such as social media sites, search engines and local listings. And you’d be surprised what type of business they are looking for the most when they are online.

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Can your law firm be found by your potential clients today?

Seventy-six percent of adults are seeking lawyers online.

A study identified a four-stage search process for people looking for a lawyer.  They gather information about their legal issue; find a lawyer; validate a lawyer; and select a lawyer.  They use various online resources in all of these stages.

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Web Design Agency in Lombard offers Tips on how to make a Good Website

These days, people are more open to doing business via their websites. Just like in the real-life market, however, your website needs the proper presentation in order to hold your customers’ attention long enough for them to understand (and consider) your product or service. That in mind, an article by Jason Tselentis for Howdesign.com shares a number of tips for properly designing your company website.

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You Need Online Marketing as your Potential Clients are Looking for Lawyers Online in all of the Stages of their Search Process


Your law firm might have a solid reputation and may receive good word-of-mouth recommendations, but are you visible on the Internet? Most of your leads are no longer consulting the yellow pages or print directories when they need a lawyer, but instead, are using search engines, online directories, law firm websites, and other resources.

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