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Web Design

One of the basic ways to secure your business presence online is to create a website. Although there are many tools that allow you to easily create your own, you should not underestimate the importance of a good, working design. A shoddy website design will only turn away prospective customers. Thus, you will need to pay special attention to the layout and content, striking a good balance between informative elements and appealing style.

If you have trouble creating a decent enough website, then you should rely on Gray’s Digital Consulting. As one of the most competent Web design agencies in Lombard, we know what a website needs in order to make it more popular and accessible to consumers. Trust us to come up with a viable design that really works.

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Mobile Responsive Web Design

There is more to website design than just looks. You will also have to consider the compatibility of your page to devices such as smartphones and tablets, whose screens are smaller to render regular web pages in full size and standard resolution. As more users take to using such devices to access the web, you have to consider designing your website for these as well.

Responsive web design refers to a flexible layout that automatically adjusts a page to properly fit whatever screen the user is using to view it. Whether the user is accessing the website from his desktop or from his smartphone, responsive design ensures that no user is left with an incomplete page.

The Importance of Responsive Web Design

Consumers are increasingly relying on their mobile devices to access the web on the go. This is supported by survey trends showing that mobile device users will soon outnumber desktop users. Unless you intend to alienate a significant portion of your market, you should seriously consider responsive web design to more effectively target internet-savvy customers. Want to learn more about Mobile Responsive Design? Check out our Educational Blog on Mobile Responsive Design. Are you ready to build your mobile responsive website, then check out our current responsive website design promotional offer.  Limitation and restrictions apply.

WordPress for Website Design

To create a good, responsive web design, you will need a flexible content management system. WordPress is our platform of choice due to its ease of use, SEO compatibility, and responsive website options. Most importantly, WordPress allows webmasters to easily upload new content without having to constantly remake entire webpages. As one of the largest open-source web design platforms, WordPress is updated constantly, boasting features distinct to the system.

Our Commitment

Gray’s Digital Consulting genuinely wants your business to achieve great results. To that end, we offer comprehensive web design solutions that make your website fully compatible with mobile devices. Our solutions can simplify the way you manage content, making updating a breeze. If you need skilled and reputable web design agencies in Lombard to handle the creation of your website, trust Gray’s Digital Consulting.

We provide Internet marketing services to select areas within Illinois such as Chicago, Oakbrook, Naperville, Lombard, and the nearby regions. To inquire about our services, visit our Contact Us page.